All I want is our happy ending. . .

Hello and welcome to Strong Willed, a fansite as well as the approved fanlisting dedicated to a fairytale princess who's life has been completely changed by an unexpected encounter and simply wants her happily ever after; Snow White and her Storybrooke counterpart as a school teacher, Mary Margaret Blanchard from ABC's Once Upon A Time. Snow White/Mary Margaret is one of the main characters in the tv series. Known for being the fairest in the land, Snow White is loved by all excluding her stepmother, the Evil Queen. Being a resident of Storybrooke and teaching, Mary Margaret is a shy young woman who is a hopeless romantic. As a fan who's watched the show since the beginning up to this point, I find Snow White/Mary Margaret to be a wonderful character the creators have made. She just has a heart of gold that made me love her for following her story. Hence, this is why this site was created. Please know that there are many of unmarked spoilers throughout the site from all three seasons so far as well as my own personal opinions. So, please be careful if you haven't seen the show! This shrine is owned by Mayumi. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Concluding, enjoy your stay.



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